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Groupism in Workplace

Groupism in Workplace, Office Politics and Toxic Workculture

Most of us spend 7-8 hours a day at work, making the workplace our second home. Therefore, even a small failure can lead to annoying problems, especially if not dealt with promptly.  Most of these problems are related to the behavior of colleagues and top management. Finding the solution to groupism in workplace can be…

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Toxic Workplace Behaviors

Why Toxic Workplace behaviors?

Jeff Bezos’ space company “Blue Origin” is accused of being a toxic workplace as 21% of former employees claimed in that regard. As performer employees of accused Blue Origin of the are said to have signed the stringent nondisclosure agreements, stifling internal feedback, mistrust, disregarding, safety concerns, and creating a sexist environment for women. Toxic…

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The Internet of Things refers to

Internet of Things Applications

The Internet of Things is a buzzword these days and it symbolizes the expansion of technology and has enabled human beings to develop connections and swap data via many electronic devices. The Internet of Things refers to everything that is connected to the web. What are Internet of Things applications? Any device that is connected…

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When someone becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, that becomes a headache or a cause of concern for friends and family. But, according to Dr. Robert Lefever, some individuals have the habit of repeatedly helping others or taking too much responsibility. This could be a symptom of “Compulsive Helping Disorder or CHD”. You’re  suffering from…

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