Know the Best OTT Platforms in India

The global outbreak of the Corona pandemic has its toll on many industries. But one industry that showed tremendous growth is OTT platforms. The pandemic outbreak has been a blessing in disguise for OTT mediums. When other industries are struggling to stand on their own, OTT platforms showed a remarkable spread. OTT platforms played a… Continue reading Know the Best OTT Platforms in India

Health and Its Significance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be just our choice, it should be our responsibility to nurture the gift of God in the form of health that we sometimes unintentionally take for granted. All credit goes to our busy schedules and stressful lives that don’t let us be free to spare some time for investing… Continue reading Health and Its Significance

Why Toxic Workplace behaviors?

Jeff Bezos’ space company “Blue Origin” is accused of being a toxic workplace as 21% of former employees claimed in that regard. As performer employees of accused Blue Origin of the are said to have signed the stringent nondisclosure agreements, stifling internal feedback, mistrust, disregarding, safety concerns, and creating a sexist environment for women. Toxic… Continue reading Why Toxic Workplace behaviors?