The Things That Make Companies Human!

Things that make companies human

There is a popular saying-“You are what you do, rather what you say you’ll do.” The future belongs to those who dream and know how to do the execution.  They observe the disruption and simultaneously know the integration and then create healthy solutions. It is no longer required to have only great ideas but you have to create something that others would require because you yourself need those. It will give clarity to you why you are bringing your product, service, or experience to market. For that, you need to introduce some implement a few things that make companies human.

What is Human approach or Human Element?

A Human Element is a systematic approach that ensures team effort, in other words working together bringing greater accomplishment of goals, having better individual, team, and organizational performance. The aim of introducing the Human Element is to increase openness and accountability in organizations that would reduce unproductive and unprofessional behavior in order to achieve better business results.

The Human Element helps to eliminate the distortions and impediments involved with the individuals, teams, and organizations while discharging their duty, ensuring greater bonding and motivation. The Human Element is in fact, a comprehensive methodology that addresses the human issues in organizations. The industrial model treats humans or the workforce as somewhat interchangeable parts. Human Element has been founded on a sound understanding of human motivation and dynamics. It incorporates scientifically validated assessments along with effective experiential methods to produce deep and lasting transformation in organizations.

The Human Approach is based on the findings of the C – P Effect (compatibility-productivity). It tells that the productivity of teams directly corresponds to the compatibility of the people involved in the team. If there is incompatibility among the team members, there would be blame, shame, infighting, avoidance behavior, and defensiveness. It will only breed low productivity and poor performance. When there is compatibility, the teams work together and turn innovative, respond well under pressure, and inspire each other.

Things That Make Companies Human    

There are two factors-Openness and self-responsibility considered the foundational principles of The Human Element and bear greater relevance today.  Learn the factors:

Communicating openly and candidly

Being fully accountable

Increasing self-awareness

Connecting human behavior and motivation

Changing ingrained behavioral patterns

Getting out of your own way

Understanding how teams work



Group decision-making




Job Fit

Decision Making

Personal Development



The Human element is essential for the people who work in groups or teams. It is used for exploring specific issues and skills that create a powerful, but integrated set of programs addressing the human issues in organizations. Though it’s counterintuitive and has been founded on a strong focus on self-responsibility which actually results in giving each individual more freedom and improving the performance of the team. The Human Element addresses organizational issues starting with individuals and make people become more aware, shift their underlying emotions, and build skills.

By Suryodaya Rajguru

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