Work Culture eats Business Sales

Work_culture eats business sales

There is a popular phrase-“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, coined by Peter Drucker and was made famous by Mark Fields, President at Ford, is an absolute reality! If a company disconnects its work culture from the strategy it employs, that means the company is putting its success at risk. That is why “Work Culture eats Business Sales for Breakfast.” Some researches show that there is a direct correlation between a healthy and productive work culture of a business with the strategy it adopts to get a foothold in the market.

Work Culture

Work culture or company culture or organization culture whatever you may say is often described as the personality of a company. Then, it is also described by some experts as the backbone of a happy workforce or the motivation that binds the company together. It can be seen as a ‘compass’ that keeps a company’s strategy up-to-date.

Work Culture eats Business Sales

There is a great deal of debate in the corporate world whether we should give more focus on culture or strategy. But the successive studies reveal that majority of the employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success. The major benefits of having a definite work culture enable the creation of a happy workforce. The happy workplace will collaborate internally well which leads to lesser value-stream mapping (VSM), fewer line stoppages, and greater output. The greater output is proportional to better customer service and improved sales figures. Make sure you have a definite and productive work culture and can be a powerful magnet that attracts the best talents from the available talent pool. The said talent pool will accelerate the quick execution of the business strategy. “Work Culture eats Business Sales for Breakfast.”

The premier companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter are the most noted examples which effortlessly woo potential employees to their workspace by creating a trendy or themed work environment or culture for their respective organizations. The major challenge the companies face these days isn’t to have a work culture that is very good or very bad but to have a culture that is inconsistent and incoherent. The building block of work culture is guided by ABCD:

1. Agility:  How fast the organization is able to make decisions? Whether the organization rewards the best-performing employees or on an ad-hoc basis and grants out-of-cycle promotions instead of making them wait until the end of the appraisal cycle. How much of the work you’re able to accomplish using state-art-of-the technology and to the extent your internal processes get automated.

2. Branding:  How well do you communicate your business strategy or the revenue earnings of your last quarter to your audience through various advanced modes of communication? Then, how accessible is your senior management?

3. Collaboration: How effectively do you brainstorm? Does that mean how well you include your team members in the team meetings and allow each and everyone to share their opinion? Do your offshore participate in important client meetings?

4. Diversity: How colorful are your team demographics? Whether the mother tongues of all your team members are the same?   Do the male employees represent more than 70% of the total membership? Do you feel uncomfortable facing contrasting viewpoints?  Does your team work round the clock with a smile on their face?           

By Suryodaya Rajguru

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