What is the behavior of an optimist?

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Optimist and Pessimist

“An optimist sees the rose, a pessimist the thorn”.  Do you understand this? If you understand, how far you’re able to apply this in everyday life? If you’ve applied, what results from you’ve got? Do you know the behavior of an optimist?

 This saying is almost similar to old saying whether the glass is half full or half empty. Do you curse the thorns and celebrate the roses? This is what determines if you are an optimist or a pessimist.


Human Being is a combination of contradictions. A particular person’s ideas and outlook may be the outcome of his or her background.

Some people are always cheerful and always look at the brighter side of the thing. But there are people who reside in pessimism. This doesn’t mean that optimistic always sees the good. Nor a pessimist always sees the thorns and completely ignores the roses. No, it’s actually not.

In spite of your best effort, nobody can ignore the thorns. Life is like that, no matter what happens, life won’t hesitate to give you feedback. Then, what is the behavior of an optimist?

Identifying pessimist

Optimist Vs Pessimist                             

If you analyze between a pessimist and an optimist, the optimist will find the half glass of water as full of water and will be satisfied with that. But a pessimist will always be bitten by the bug of distrust and defeated mindset.

The pessimist seeks an ocean of sadness even in the trifle, whereas an optimist finds a rose even in the bed of thorns.

Therefore, it depends on one’s personal thinking and attitude on how seriously or mirthfully takes his or her life. If the person more of serious in nature, he can’t escape from the mixture of pain and pleasure in life.

At the same time, if the person is a bubbly personality, he will see the green pasture everywhere whichever situation he or she may be.

Be optimistic

Where can you apply this in your life?

Being an optimist doesn’t mean he or she only sees the good side of the things. But there’s a considerable advantage of having seen the good side of things in life. You tend to find more of those things that you regularly focus on.

If you focus on thorns, you will see more and more of the thorny things or problems all around you. If you find those problems larger than what they actually are, they will certainly turn out to be so.

Then if you find non-thorns as thorns in your mind, then they will go that way. That doesn’t mean there’s no existence of thorns, but you’re less likely to be obsessed with the presence of thorns around you.

Simultaneously, concentrating more on the roses may make you less cautious about the presence of thorns. Therefore, we have to find a better path between both aspects of everyday life.


By Suryodaya Rajguru

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