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How is Love and Relationship related?

relation between love and relationship
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Love is never a relationship!

Is love a relationship? No, love is never a relationship. The relationship is a burden or bondage. In a relationship, one has to surrender whether you or the other person. But truth is that you need to surrender to love, not the person concerned. When you are raising the question of surrender, you’re yourself recognizing that you’re in a “relationship” with a stubborn woman and you both don’t want to surrender to each other. So, what could be the relation between love and relationship?

Evangeline Lilly-Dominic Monaghan

So, ‘Don’t surrender to a person, surrender to love.’ There’s no need to surrender to each other. Once you surrender to love, meaning you are for enjoying the happiness of the other, rejoice to be with the other, be in tune with each other, and dance in harmony.

love and relationship-  Titanic

There can be chances of coexistence, but not surrender. If a man surrenders before a woman, he certainly loses dignity in her eyes. The woman would start searching here and there for someone who has the guts not to surrender.

The same thing is also true for a woman. When a woman comes under pressure from a man for something, there may be a fear factor and stays indulged with that man, that can’t be love. Even if turns into a successful relationship, it has bound to have its share of hiccups and repercussions.

When I advise for coexistence that means “live and let live”. But one thing you must be sure of is that the person who desires domination is never able to dominate, it’s the other person who will be able to dominate. Rest is only imagination. Those who know the basic meaning of love would hardly go for the relationship.

Don’t try to demolish the individuality or the freedom of others. Freedom has paramount importance in love, you can’t simply destroy one’s freedom in the name of love, at least leave it as it is and be un-interfering.

But for general couples who’re in love, nobody cares. Why they would be? After all, it’s their life and it’s their decision. Let them die they want to be.

There’re three rings of love: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffer-ring. It happens just after the honeymoon or the middle of the honeymoon. It’s because they are from different life-style, likings, education, and culture and even their biology is different. Then, how can we understand the relation between love and relationship?

Love is always Give-and-Take

Love and relationship- Amitabh and Rekha

Love is always giving and taking. That means sharing and caring. Love brings respect to each other. Love enjoys both giving and taking. When it comes to love, both are equal to what is hardly found in a sexual relationship. Love has always different beauty. Love is never possessive.
Now, the world is moving towards a love relationship, that’s why there’s so much turmoil. That’s not the purest form of love. There are bound to have different flavors and intentions.
The highest state of love is prayerfulness. In prayerfulness, there is spiritual union.

Relationship Is One form of Burden or Bondage

When you’re alone and happy, that’s the real form of ecstasy. That shows you can live with yourself and there’s no need for any intrinsic relationship to live in. That doesn’t mean you would stop to relate. Only thing is that it shouldn’t be your weakness that it almost becomes impossible to live.

Happiness should come from within you. Once, that happens when you’re alone, you would be able to share your joy with many people, not depending on a particular person, and also nobody depends on you. Then you live “with freedom, with joy, and with love.”

Therefore, the more loving you’re, there’s less scope for any relationship. Love is never a relationship; it’s a state of being, still unaddressed. Whereas relationship is part of the business world, it’s commercial. In a slight change of the situation, it will evaporate or vanish. Love is beyond reason and everlasting. (Courtesy: Osho Naman)


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