Tantra Sex: Deep Physical and Emotional Reunion!


What is Tantra Sex?

Have you heard of Tantra sex or Tantric sex? What’s that? Why is it so required? To be very frank and honest, it can’t be expressed in pure terms. Is it just practicing a few sexual positions or more than that?

The Hindu practice of 5,000 years is related particularly to sex where couples can make love for hours continuously. The literary meaning of “Tantra” is “The weaving and expansion of energy” which sees couples enjoy the slow form of sex to have powerful orgasms.

Have you ever been to complete sexual ecstasy? Once you recall it, you will feel something profound or you may be insightful.

Once you and your partner reach complete ecstasy, you would certainly discover something deep physical, and emotional reunion or connection. It may be experiencing a state of divinity in a man-woman relationship.

Tantra Sex

We all strive to reach the ultimate heights of sexual bliss. This is something tantra sex promises us. But it’s beyond our grip and our comprehension.

The couples who practice tantra sex feel that it rejuvenates their emotions and gives them better mind and body harmony. But Tantric sex speaks for a better understanding of your body as well as the world around you.

Tantric sex is not only enjoyable but there are benefits- the practice gives couples a sense of deep intimacy because the relationships tend to become stronger and happier and couples have a better orgasm. The partners will reach real love, honor, and respect for each other because they tend to focus on pleasuring one another.

Though the main benefit of tantra sex is to have longer and more powerful orgasms, there’s more to it.

Tantra Yoga

Does Tantric Sex help couples to have longer sex?

Tantric sex doers and lovers feel that this form of sex allows them to have a longer and more powerful orgasm. But, it actually varies from person to person. Many couples who have performed tantra sex chairs are of the view that this mystical practice has helped their sex lives immensely.

According to them, they can orgasm simply from hugging and they tremble and moan in pleasure as they share a simple embrace.

Tantra Massage

Why will you try Tantric Sex?

Experts of  Tantra sex chair believe that if you put considerable time and effort into sex, then you’re sure to reach a higher degree and more intense form of ecstasy.

Renowned celebrities like Tom Hanks and Sting support this theory and term it as “great”. Once Sting’s wife boastfully revealed that her husband could make love for more than 5 hours at a time!

Tantra Yoga

Why is Tantric sex good for you?

• Are you looking for something new in bed?
• Do you want to be more intimate with your partner?
• Do you want to reconnect with your husband or male partner?

What’s done in Tantra sex?

Step 1: Turn down the lights and be in a solitary place.

Step 2: Loosen your body-Tantra is all about circulating your energy throughout the body. So you need to shake your limbs strongly to energize and unblock your system before you start.

Step 3: Stay off the bed-This will trigger the sleep button in your brain, meaning you’re up to a quickie romp instead of deep connection and loving sex.

Step 4: Be comfortable-lie down with your partner on the floor and slowly start touching each other, take time to make your way around their body in a relaxed manner.

Step 5: Experiment- try various touches such as firm massage, light feathery touches, and gentle stroking. The aim is to heighten her senses in a slow and intense manner that it takes to the peak. Once performed neatly, it can prolong sex and your pleasure for hours.

Step 6: Think about breathing- does your mind starts to wander? Then, refocus on your breathing. Inhale as your partner exhales and vice versa helps improve the connection between you two and concentrate on what’s happening.

Step 7: Don’t give up- Didn’t you last beyond 10 minutes? Then, try again. Tantric sex takes time to have the grips because we’re all used to the western form of sex which expects sex to have an obvious start, middle, and end.

With practice, you’ll be able to win over early orgasm and enjoy sex without thinking about the conclusion and be able to control your body in a better way. So you can delay climax and increase the strength of your orgasms.

Tantra Massage

Tips for Beginners to Practice Tantric Sex

Sex is very loving in tantra because it talks about the whole purpose of having sex. It’s not only about the wonderful sensations you have during the process, but also there’s a spiritual aspect to it.

Today, sex is being tried as a hobby than an expression of love. Tantra is supposed to change that and take sex to a way of the spiritual path, which considers sex as sacred and special.

There’s a special workout designed for tantric beginners. You must have heard about Yoga. It’s also a form of yoga. The following steps can be followed by the beginner of tantra sex:

Tantra Sex

First, you and your mate inhale and exhale together. This could be difficult for some couples, but don’t be depressed. Keep on trying until you master the act. Once you master the act, stay still for at least 5 minutes before you climax.

Don’t concentrate only on staying still, try to focus on the feeling and see each other’s eyes. Your concentration skills are bound to improve with practice.

Next, the man should go for doing sex without having an orgasm. This might sound odd, but you can try. This endeavor will give your woman a chance to have a better orgasm.

Finally, you should employ your own tantra sex trick. For example, you can trickle her clitoris to make her cum or insert your index finger into her vagina. While applying your own trick, remember that it should be enjoyable to her.

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