Header-bidding to be the future of the AdTech!

Header Bidding and Adtech

Whenever a user views a web page, an ad prospect is generated simultaneously. This can be termed as the golden moment for the publisher as it allows him to make money. To get the actual value, the ad inventory should be viewed by the maximum number of advertisers at the same time. Ad inventory is the total space that a publisher gets for advertisement at a given point in time. Header-bidding is the unified auction method that has transformed immensely from web to mobile and in-app arena. AdTech is the combination of the campaign, ads, and all related data and metrics. This includes impressions, views, acquisitions, and unique users. So, the question arises whether header-bidding to be the future of Adtech.

Header-Bidding and Adtech

Without sending the ad request directly to the Adtech platform, the server-side header-bidding sends the ad request to another server. Then, the server forwards the request to ad exchanges. As the server gets the bid, it sends it back to the browser. Header-bidding to be the future of AdTech is gradually becoming a reality.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding, popularly known as pre-bid, is an advanced way of programmatic advertising buying that enhances ad revenue and allows the publishers to offer their inventory to demand sources or multiple advertising exchanges before making the call to ad servers. It is a method used by the publishers for conducting direct actions so that it will counter the inefficiencies faced by the websites in getting the best price for their advertising space.

Header-Bidding and Adtech

What do you mean by AdTech and its importance?

AdTech or Advertising technology is a shared term used for a range of software and tools that powers brands and advertising agencies to target, set up, strategize, analyze and manage their digital advertising activities in publishers’ sites.

AdTech is designed to help advertisers in making optimum use of their investment.  The Adtech environment has two major aspects- the advertiser or demand-side and the publisher or supply-side. 

Advertisers try to make the most of their investment budget by running valuable ad campaigns to reach the desired audience, optimizing ad campaigns, measuring the ROI, and customer insights. Adtech offers the advertisers and publishers the applications that help in achieving their goals while meeting the specific demands of both parties.

Header-Bidding and Adtech

Header-Bidding goes Omnichannel

Two mediums account for a considerable portion of the programmatic ad spending growth- Mobile App and Video. Video medium includes budding formats such as OTT and CTV. The technology service providers that offer manpower, tech, and tools for helping the publishers in capturing yield and earning benefits across all the devices and addressable video content online would be successful in the future.

Next, as header bidding brings immense publisher profits in desktop displaying monetization & workflow, the same budding formats would continue to grow in recent times. The research shows that mobile application header-bidding grows by 25% and this trend will continue. Server-to-server (S2S) mediation is expected to come out as a preferred monetization method for cross-platform video and the promising CTV market. There are options for the advertisers and publishers to rope the efficiency of the programmatic for achieving measurable results.  In 2021, programmatic is stated to scale new heights.

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