Does Modi ride on weak opposition?

Narendra Modi

Does the Modi government ride on the weak opposition? The impact of losing 20 of our brave soldiers in a clash with PLA in Ladakh at Galway Valley could have been worse if Modi wasn’t the PM. Thank God, Modi is in power, otherwise mid-term elections would have been inevitable in such a crisis. Modi should feel lucky because he is blessed with the weakest opposition in the last 40 years.

Why is it being said that the Modi government rides on the weak opposition?

The main opposition party Cong is passing through its worst phase and the party is suffering from intellectual bankruptcy. It’s finding it difficult to defend itself on issues like Patriotism and nationalism, Triple-Talaq, its soft attitude towards terrorism, Pakistan, and China. Then, who would forget about the controversial Hindu Terror rant from a few of its leaders and the Ram Mandir issue?

The ruling BJP and its sister organizations and other coalition partners have identified Cong Party’s those weak links and flaws and made all efforts to put the party in that trap. Unfortunately, the Cong party and its leadership have almost no options to defend themselves on such sensitive issues, because of their past deeds. Does the Modi government ride on the weak opposition?

The remaining political parties like TMC, DMK, BJD, ADMK, NCP, Shiv Sena, YSR Cong, etc are busy switching sides on different occasions. It’s true that they don’t have a Pan India base, nor they would ever be able to put a united face. That’s why the Modi Government rides on the weak opposition.

Today, the country is facing a worst-ever crisis on both military and economic front which India didn’t witness in decades. India is now preparing for a two-front war with both of its nuclear neighbors; one of them is the new superpower of the world.  Then, what will transpire that time would say.

The biggest advantage of BJP led government at the center is that it’s being led by a decisive leader like Modi who is taking every decision going to the mood of the country and the people. Next, there are no such serious corruption charges that have come so far.

During UPA rule the corruption allegations have become the order of the day. Whatever the charges have come, they successfully got rid of that. On the security front, 26/11 terrorist attack like incident or serial blasts in major cities of the country has not occurred. They have kept inflation more or less under control.

Economic Blunders of Modi Government

On the economic front, Modi led government has hyped financial issues too much. First, they brought demonetization. It went on crazy about this decision and the mainstream media put it as a landmark decision from the government. They used it for their electoral purposes and went on to win a key state like UP.  After that, demonetization was proved costly for India’s economy. The country lost nearly 2 lakh crores and Indian GDP slumped by 2%. If its impact is discussed thoroughly, it can be horrifying.

Secondly, they implemented GST previously formulated by the UPA government in a new format that they claim. When they implemented it, perhaps they weren’t aware of immediate repercussions. It made individual citizens of the country tax-payers. It showed a retarding effect on the industry, particularly small medium enterprises.  The textile and handloom sector, the 2nd largest employment generating sector was the hardest hit. Now, the textile sector is struggling to compete with Bangladesh. Last 2 years, Bangladesh has surpassed the export of handloom.   

If you analyze the many international and national financial statistics, the Indian unemployment rate is at 44 years high which has been accepted by Niti Aayog.   Rural spending is at an all-time low since 1983. People in rural areas haven’t enough money in their hands to purchase anything that has lowered the demand drastically.

The growth in core sectors of the economy like Auto and Real Estate has severely hit. The major Auto companies of the country have stopped their production because the demand for their products is going down. There are no takers for heavy vehicles or luxury vehicles. This situation has an indirect effect on the Banking and Insurance industry.

The opposition parties are making the large-scale allegation that the present government at the center is downsizing the autonomy of the major institutions like RBI, judiciary, CBI, or interfering unnecessarily in their functioning. Reserve Bank of India’s autonomy has been compromised after taking money from its reserves. The Judiciary somewhat has been pressurized to get the judgment in its favor.

Then, the planning commission restructuring as Niti Aayog was the much-talked agenda of PM Modi which turned out to be a farce. Its name was just changed and made a defunct organization. The situation is so worse that its regular functioning is also looking for guidance. It’s now completely tracked out. 

By Suryodaya Rajguru

I am Suryodaya Rajguru, a professional web content writer, and have a deep interest in blogging related to various topics like Technology, media, gadgets, and science. It’s a small endeavor on the part of me to communicate my perspective on the said topics.