Coronavirus Outbreak and Observed Global Changes!

Coronavirus Outbreak

“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can follow together.” If this is true, then what could be the real reason behind this deadliest Coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19 outbreak? The reason could be complex, varied, and hard to believe and in some situations, they’re difficult to deal with. This Wuhan coronavirus or China coronavirus, as it was originated from Wuhan, China, has made many things clear for all times to come which have long been misunderstood or ingrained.

coronavirus covid19 outbreak

Old Apprehensions of Coronavirus Outbreak

The first thing, one can perceive from this pandemic spread is that this could be the punishment of God for the sins committed by the nations and leaders which tend to be called or thought of as developed or well-off.

Some might say this is China’s “Bioweapon Test Mishap” or its rogue and repressive regime launched this virus to drive overseas markets down so that China can buy up western companies at a low price.

Then, some might hold responsible for China for its people’s unhygienic wild animal eating habits. The authenticity of these assumptions can’t be overlooked.

Be comfortable with the reality of death!

God should grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change. Then, the courage to change the things I can.  Death is inevitable and can haunt us at any moment of life.

Death is a reality that this mankind of the 21st century has to deal with. Death shouldn’t be perceived as a tragedy; rather not having a peaceful and meaningful life is a tragedy. It makes things clear that life is all about small events, living by example, and integrity.

Then, you should be contributing towards people and society as a whole constructively and maintain quality relationships with the people and surrounding you encounter.  This is because the span of your lifetime is limited.

Evaluate your priorities and start concentrating on things that really matter to you. Leave hatred and let yourself be comfortable with things and people outside. Most importantly, keep love in your heart.   

Uncomfortable situations created by the Covid19 Outbreak!

The world was expecting or in search of possible situations and causes for imminent World War III. But, nobody would have ever thought of World War III in such a pandemic form. Normally, we come all guns blazing to neutralize our enemy.

Now a situation, the nations around the world are forcing all their citizens to hide behind the four walls and wait for the invisible enemy to vanish.  The television, once popularly termed “the idiot box” has been emerged as the most valuable to pass your idle time.

The capitalistic model has given birth to globalization which brought prosperity to limited sections of society and paved the way for the gigantic growth of wealth. Of course, that has been concentrated in the hands of some super-rich individuals.

The growth of the market economy created a tribe of globe-trotting businessmen and professionals who proudly call themselves global citizens who are now carrying the virus all over the world with their irresponsible behavior. This behavior has been enticing common people to see globalization suspiciously, because globalization facilitated the movement of not only men, material, and money but also the global virus epidemic, Covid19.

To lessen this impact, governments worldwide are being forced to adopt policies that entail extending many benefits to people, especially the vulnerable, in the form of cash transfers and stimulus package to compensate for the livelihood crisis. The closed airports, quarantine centers, and isolation wards may well prove to be the end of globalization.

China as a threat to world prosperity!

The world’s obsession for the Chinese model of growth or China’s “Dream Run” of development has been ended. The world must wake up to the sins committed by an authoritarian regime and a savaging society. China is Japan’s biggest trading partner under normal circumstances, but imports from China reduced to half after the Coronavirus outbreak. As part of a very important economic decision, the Japanese

The government has allocated $2.2 billion of its record economic stimulus package to help its manufacturers move production out of China as supply chains between the major trading partners have been deeply affected after the Covid19 pandemic.

China holds the worst record of being the center of major pandemic outbreaks over the centuries. If you analyze the records of the Chinese Communist party in handling man-made catastrophes like the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square massacre, suppression of Hong Kong and Tibet freedom struggle, and most recently, the mass internment of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

The Chinese Communist Party’s worked on the old strategy of suppressing the facts and the actual death toll of natural calamities, starting from the Sars virus to the Sichuan earthquake.

With the serious impact of the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide, has spread to 209 countries, including developed countries like the UK, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea Iran, and Italy, it is clear that the virus of Xi’s totalitarian rule is not only threatening the health and freedom of  Chinese people, but also the entire world.

Narrowing up the gap between the Developing and Developed World!

Coronavirus outbreak or Covid19 outbreak or made-in-china pandemic outbreak, I whatever name you may call it, it made the following things clear for all times to come:

  • It has brought the Haves and the Have-Nots, Proletariat, and Bourgeoisie on the same page.
  • Covid19 spread made us realize that even if you’ve everything, it doesn’t guarantee that you’re physically, economically, socially and politically secured.
  • It narrowed down the gap between developed and developing nations. Look, how the developed nations of the world in spite of all the resources and infrastructure are unable to protect the precious lives of their citizens.
  • People of all age-group, social and economic strata have been locked up in their houses to save their respective lives.
  • We are at a juncture when nobody is sure about himself or herself. Nobody knows when, how and which way they will be infected by the virus.
  • A poor can’t afford ventilators to stay alive during a serious stage. But a rich can afford the ventilator cost. The tragedy is that there is short of ventilators due to a huge number of patients in the queue.
  • The countries which were proud of their socio-economic security and scientific development are helpless. Those modernized and advanced framework looks so irrelevant in the current crisis.


By Suryodaya Rajguru

I am Suryodaya Rajguru, a professional web content writer, and have a deep interest in blogging related to various topics like Technology, media, gadgets, and science. It’s a small endeavor on the part of me to communicate my perspective on the said topics.