Coronavirus Outbreak: World Suffers from Made-In-China Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: Locked Down for Chinese Sin!

Coronavirus Outbreak or Covid19 Outbreak! Coronavirus Pandemic or Coronavirus Epidemic or Made-In-China Pandemic! The world has become sick of this deadliest virus and disease. The entire world is completely shocked and felt helpless before this disease. Innumerable human lives are being lost every day since the first death on Jan 9, 2020. Medical science is yet to ascertain its way out.

Coronavirus-Made-In-China Pandemic

It’s not the first time that the world is witnessing such an epidemic. It has happened in the past and it’s happening now. What’s most shocking is that at a juncture when the human race is preparing to live on Mars, Coronavirus seems to be laughing at its economic, scientific, and social development?

Medical science’s reputation has gone for a toss. Perhaps, the world is yet to realize the Chinese Sin or Made-In-China Pandemic. It’s China that has brought this world to such a brink. China is the place of the origin of the Coronavirus outbreak. The world must see the sin committed by a rogue country and a rogue regime. The world must wake up to China’s crime against humanity and the human race. The situation has been so pathetic that experts, researchers, and the people who continuously observe China begin to suspect, in fact, have made up their mind that it’s a bioweapon. This could have slipped out from a Chinese research lab. People are beginning to think in such a way that China is known for doing such misadventures.  

Coronavirus-Made-In-China Pandemic

Is it a Bio-weapon Test Mishap?

Many things about Coronoavirus are still not clear. What treatments will be effective for Covid-19? Does anyone know when the vaccine will come for the disease? How long it will last? Whether the outbreaks will come in waves? US President called it the Chinese virus and openly accused China of its misdeed.

The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December 2019. Coronavirus was termed a pandemic by WHO on 11 March 2020. The scientists are more or less sure on the hypothesis that bats could have passed a virus to some intermediate host—perhaps pangolins, scaly ant-eating mammals to humans. But the pangolin theory has not been conclusively proven. Some experts wonder whether a virus understudy at a lab could have been accidentally released, something that’s happened in the past.

According to a WHO report, the disease has been spread to 199 countries and is being termed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be the biggest crisis since World War 2. Though many experts don’t agree with the theory that it’s a biological weapon test mishap, there are many conspiracy theories doing around the possibility of bioweapon.

If Professor Richard Ebright of Rutgers University’s Waksman Institute of Microbiology is to be believed, COVID-19 could have started as an accidental release from a laboratory (Institute of Virology) such as one of the two in Wuhan that are known to be studying bat coronaviruses. He is more than sure that these bat coronaviruses are being studied at such labs in and around Wuhan, China which is the point of origination of the disease.

It’s said that Wuhan seafood market was shut down after the spreading of the virus. China has a history of pandemics outbreak. Most importantly, China has the dubious distinction of hiding the facts about its fault. In this case, also China suppressed the facts and didn’t allow the world to go the roots.

Obsession for China  and Coronavirus

Coronavirus-Made-In-China Pandemic

The world has been obsessed with China for the last few decades whether it’s for its economic growth, manufacturing sector, development model, or technology. Now the world is paying the price for Chinese obsession. British PM Boris Johnson, Spain King, Prince Charles, and even USA Coronavirus task force chief have been tested Covid-19 positive. But there is no news of any high-ranking leader from the Chinese Communist Party who has been infected with Coronavirus. Why?

Chinese Communist Party is dead against the aging population and they consider the aging population is a burden on China. Then a growing population is a cause of concern for China. This could be a strategy to deal with those problems. This Corona disease is most dangerous for older people or people who have passed 60 years.

After the outbreak of the pandemic, there are 15 million mobile SIM cards in China have become non-operational. When the service providers are calling, no replay is coming. Perhaps, these people have been wiped out or lost their lives. There are many localities of Wuhan in darkness. The lights of many high-rise buildings have gone out. Though Chinese authorities are showing some thousands of deaths due to the disease, these things are indicating terrible figures. 

Economic Impact of the Pandemic

According International Monetary Fund (IMF) Report developing nations of the world have lost nearly $2.5 trillion and the countries around the world have already announced $200 billion of the stimulus package. All the major stock markets of the world are in red. Investors are under tremendous fear and this downturn is even more serious compared to the 2008-09 global slowdown. The international job market can be devastated by its effect. Then, how can anyone access the value of precious human lives? West has been shivering with the Corona disease and coronavirus outbreak


Time has arrived to make China accountable for this. Earlier, China destroyed the global economy for its own development and now destroying the world for its own strategic and military `objectives. All the developed countries of the world are gripped by the disease and are not in a position to stand upright. The world has been weakened by Chinese bravado. Now Dragon is offering help to the world to counter the disease, it’s mere eyewash.

China is now successful in managing World and USA media through its own influence, money, and muscle power. China didn’t allow the United Nations Security Council to discuss the matter. The International Community is unable to speak against a rogue country and regime. Earlier it has looted the entire world economy and now looting precious human resources. 

By Suryodaya Rajguru

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