Worst Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions


Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions- A Publicity Stunt!

Celebrities are often indulged in many weird things and wardrobe malfunction is one of them. Nobody knows whether they are unintentional or intentional or simply an act of getting instant publicity. Below mentioned,  some of the worst, or you may say most famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

These celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are more or less happening to everyone. Another reason could be the costume they choose. 

1. What a Boob

Sophie Marceau - worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

French actress Sophie Marceau went through one of the most shocking wardrobe malfunctions on the 2005 Cannes red carpet.

2.   Nice Ass

Rihanna -worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Being regarded as one of the most sizzling style icons of today, Rihanna revealed her ass at a 2014 Met Gala after-party.

3. Big  Tits

Lizzie Cundy at Hope Annual Ball

English TV personality Lizzie Cundy’s boobs were popped out at the Chain of Hope Annual Ball in 2017.

4. Why No Panty

Cara Delevingne opened up ass

Supermodel Cara Delevingne was showed negligence by opening up her ass region while leaning over the fence to greet fans.

5.   What a Scene

Emma Stone showed vaginal region

Emma Stone shocked everybody when she revealed her undergarment at the 2015 Oscars accidentally.

6.  So Bold

Singer Halsey showed her undergarments

Singer Halsey exposed her vaginal region at the amFAR Gala.

7.  Lifted  Too Much

Singer Anastacia lifted to reveal inner parts

Singer Anastacia suffered horrible wardrobe malfunction at ‘DWTS’ .performance.

8.  Beautiful Breast 

Britney Spears breast opening up

Britney Spears opened up big breast during a performance in 2017.

9.   Loosely  Wore

Brittany Gastineau at Miami Beach

American model and reality television personality Brittany Gastineau had a nip slip at Miami Beach.

10.  Big Mountains

Nicki Minaj at Saturday night Live

Nicki Minaj flashed her big boobs on Saturday Night Live in 2015.

11.    Nonsense  Act

Michelle Rodriguez at Cannes festival

Michelle Rodriguez opened up massive her side boobs at 71st Cannes Film Festival, France – 15 May 2018.

12.  Don’t Do That

Laura Govan wardrobe malfunction in red carpet

Laura Govan’s flying kiss was the culprit and bared her chest while on the red carpet.

13.  Most Embracing 

Janet Jackson-Justi Timberlake

Janet Jackson’s most famous wardrobe malfunction got ripped her top by Justin Timberlake and exposed her nipple at 2004 Super Bowl half-time performance show.

14.   What a  Big  Fall

Pamela Anderson fell and wardrobe malfunction

Pamela Anderson fell during a performance and her dress ripped apart, and exposed her breast.

15.  Nice Melons

Christina Milian  at LA premiere

Singer Christina Milian opened up her nipple at LA premiere.

16.  So Odd

Lady Gaga picks upa Pizza

Lady Gaga is picking up a pizza without wearing a top.

17.  Porn Shoot  at  Tennis Court 

 tennis star porn shoot at court

The tennis star is having an X-rated moment on the court.

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