Yoga Postures For Children

Yoga Postures for children

Yoga Postures or Asanas

Yoga is considered both an art and science for a healthy lifestyle. It’s said that the origin of Yoga is linked to the origin of civilization. The foundation of yoga has been founded on delicate science that aims to find the harmony between body and mind. Have you ever thought of yoga postures for children?

Nowadays, children pass the majority of their time revolving between home, school, and homework or remaining engaged in some extra-curricular activities. They hardly get time to play and give enough time for the nourishment of their body and mind. With this highly competitive and fast-paced life they are subject to high-level academic pressure, mental strain, distractions, and bodily strain. It brings immense mental and bodily pressure to them and the children are plagued by fear and insecurity. So, there are specific Yoga postures for children that are easy to do and fun-loving. These yoga postures for children enable them to deal with academic, mental, and bodily pressure and infuse energy in them keeping fit and confident.

Important Yoga Postures for Kids

  1. Boat Pose
  2. Bound Angle Pose
  3. Bow Pose
  4. Bridge Pose
  5. Camel Pose
  6. Cat and Cow Pose
  7. Chair Pose
  8. Child’s Pose
  9. Cobra Pose
  10. Demon Pose

Benefits of Yoga Postures or Asanas for Kids

  1. Yoga creates harmony i.e. synchronization among body, mind & breath.
  2. It increases bodily flexibility.
  3. Children attain a stable mind from wandering minds. It enhances concentration.
  4. It raises self-esteem, confidence, creativity, and imagination.
  5. It relieves them from mental strain and physical fatigue.
  6. It finds better body-mind connect and infuse greater energy and brings deep nourishment too.
  7. It regularizes breathing and enhances lung capacity.
  8. It streamlines their appetite and healthy food habits.
  9. It reduces their obsession with TV and electronic gadgets
  10. It equips them in navigating their respective life challenges in a better way.

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