Internet Pornography

Porn is a stress-remover!

Pornography popularly referred to as porn, is any sexually explicit material—written, visual, being intended for sexually arousing. Internet pornography viewing (IPV) is all about the online viewing or downloading of pictures and videos with clearly exposed genitals, pictures or videos in which people are having sex.


The conjugal act of sexual intercourse has brought humanity into existence and giving rise to the next generation of society. Sexual intercourse, like atomic energy, turns out to be a powerful agent, if it is channeled carefully. If not, it can be dangerous.


Have you heard about the term pornography? Of, course, pornography is the visual representation of sexual act. In the era of Internet and digital revolution, it is being available on finger tips. What is your take on this?

Prior to the advent of the internet, the pornography debate was limited to its cause-and-effect. Or was focusing on the individual as the consumer or victim; legal, feminist, or moral perspectives.

Digital Pornography

Today, the debate is more on its digital access and impact on the people of all ages, genders, and socio-economic groups which needs to be revisited. Social scientists, psychologists and biologists have clarified some of the social and psychological effects of pornography. Pornography’s power to influence individual and social functioning is paramount.

Internet Pornography or digital pornography extensively alters attitudes and perceptions about the nature of sexual act. Men who usually look porn have a higher degree of abnormal sexual behaviors, sexual aggression, promiscuity, and even rape.

They start to view women and even children as “sex objects,” It is more of addictive in nature. That’s because once dopamine hormone releases, acting as one of the mechanisms for forming the path to the pleasure centers of the brain.

Pornographic Business

According to some researchers, it is very difficult to fathom the amount of pornography on the Internet.  They are in millions. A rough calculation estimates that porn sites account about 12% of the total number of websites. As many as,   100,000 websites offer child pornography and 1 in 7 youths are reported to be asking for porn on the Internet.

A survey indicates that daily pornographic search engine requests are about 70 million (30% of total search engine requests). Daily pornographic emails are accounted to be 2.5 billion (8% of total emails).  42.7% of the total internet users view porn. 34% of the internet users are exposed to unwanted sexual material.

Monthly Pornographic downloads amounts to be 1.5 billion (35% of all downloads). Though pornography revenues may not be necessarily ranked according to population, China tops the list, followed by US, South Korea, India, Europe & Latin American countries.

People involved in Pornographic Addiction

One of the shocking facts is that the average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 11‐14 years old.  32% of teens reveal that they intentionally access nude or pornographic content online. 43% of them do so in regular basis. Only 12% of parents are aware of this. 71% of teens hide what they do online from their parents.

They may include clearing browser history, minimizing a browser when in view, deleting improper videos, deceitful about behavior, using a phone instead of a computer, block parents with social media privacy settings, using private browsing, disabling parental controls, or having fake e-mail or social media accounts .

One of the interesting but secretly surveyed revelation is that women and girls are estimated to be 30 % of the total porn searchers. We generally see women and girls to be the victim of porn, even they are also regular subscribers of porn.

Porn consumers are evenly divided. Individuals between the ages of 30 to 45 consume the most pornography (26 percent), and individuals between the ages of 18 to 24 use the least (14 percent).  Some say that Digital pornography is the first consistent profiting e-commerce product.


In general, the body of research on pornography reveals that it gives rise to a number of negative attitudes and behaviors which functions as a teacher, a permission-giver, and in some cases, as a trigger of violent sexual act, even rape and murder. It is seen to be damaging men, women, and children and both married and single adults and society as a whole.

It generates an overstated perception of sexual hunger in society, lowers trust between intimate couples, rejection of the hope of sexual monogamy, establishing promiscuity as the natural state self-denial and sexual inactivity are unwholesome, putting marriage as sexual confinement & lack of attraction to family, procreation and child-raising.

Porn lovers see it as more exciting and satisfying because they consider it as stress-remover. We have two separate pleasure systems in our brains, one that is linked to exciting pleasure and other to satisfying pleasure. Exciting system relates to the ‘appetitive’ pleasure that we generally try to get we desire, such as sex or a good meal. In neurochemistry, it is largely dopamine-oriented and it enhances tension level.

The second pleasure system is with satisfaction, or consummator pleasure, that tries to attend actually having sex or having that meal, a calming or fulfilling pleasure which is endorphin-related and gives a peaceful, euphoric bliss.

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