WFH, Cost-Cutting and Mental Health

Work from Home (WFH) has emerged as an efficient tool for corporate cost-cutting (cost–saving) and finding employee replacement (substitute). In reality, work from home provides companies huge cost savings, but little in return for their employees. There are many aspects to this wfh issue. The question arises why only wfh employees will face the pay… Continue reading WFH, Cost-Cutting and Mental Health

Hollywood Divas and Ayurveda

Isabel Lucas, a well-known Hollywood actress of Australian origin came to India to treat her physical and mental fatigue through Ayurveda. Isabel Lucas has acted in over 22 Hollywood movies and was unwell mentally and physically due to a busy work schedule, bodily strain due to hard work and stunts, and hectic traveling to faraway… Continue reading Hollywood Divas and Ayurveda

Amla and Ashwagandha Capsules

What is Ashwagandha Herb? It is one of the most prominent herbs in Ayurveda. It is been in use for the last 2000 years. Its scientific name is Withania somnifera. In the Ayurvedic medicinal arena, it is known as a powerful rejuvenating herb that is used to provide a longer life span. It is traditionally… Continue reading Amla and Ashwagandha Capsules

Health to heal

Healing is a process that takes time, and each body has its own recovery speed. Our body does not get proper nutrition these days when junk food is popular amongst us.  Therefore, we are not able to intake a proper number of vitamins. Health to heal! We meant to heal itself but with the right… Continue reading Health to heal

Health and Its Significance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should not be just our choice, it should be our responsibility to nurture the gift of God in the form of health that we sometimes unintentionally take for granted. All credit goes to our busy schedules and stressful lives that don’t let us be free to spare some time for investing… Continue reading Health and Its Significance

Coronavirus Outbreak and Observed Global Changes!

“Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can follow together.” If this is true, then what could be the real reason behind this deadliest Coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19 outbreak? The reason could be complex, varied, and hard to believe and in some situations, they’re difficult to deal with. This… Continue reading Coronavirus Outbreak and Observed Global Changes!

Diet:Balanced Diet

Food and Diet Without food you cannot live. But you eat more than you need. You crave for more than you can consume with safety. Besides, you are not comfortable with the right sort of food merely just to satisfy your taste without any regard to the consideration of health. As a result, you burden… Continue reading Diet:Balanced Diet