Growth of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Solutions

Cryptocurrency continues to be a buzzword for the last few years but its popularity tremendously in the last 2-3 years. Earlier, crypto investment was solely considered as an alternative investment opportunity. Now, it is being treated as a viable investment portfolio even in retirement plans.  Here, we will discuss the growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain… Continue reading Growth of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Solutions

WordPress Security Best Practices

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS). It’s the most popular and easiest tool for people who have no knowledge of coding intended to create websites and blogs. This software is free and anybody can install, use and modify it for free. Currently, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system that powers… Continue reading WordPress Security Best Practices

OnePlus 10T 5G – Superior Quality and Fast Performance

OnePlus 10 T 5G

The OnePlus 10T 5G is a well-balanced premium smartphone. It offers excellent display quality, powerful performance, and lightning-fast loading speed. You will be surely impressed with the performance of the main camera on the back of the phone. The phone is characterized by qualities like great display quality, smooth & fast performance, exceptional fast wired… Continue reading OnePlus 10T 5G – Superior Quality and Fast Performance

WFH, Cost-Cutting and Mental Health

Work from Home (WFH) has emerged as an efficient tool for corporate cost-cutting (cost–saving) and finding employee replacement (substitute). In reality, work from home provides companies huge cost savings, but little in return for their employees. There are many aspects to this wfh issue. The question arises why only wfh employees will face the pay… Continue reading WFH, Cost-Cutting and Mental Health

10 essential content marketing 2022 trends

Content is King and so does Content Marketing. What is content marketing and why there is so much buzz around content marketing these days? Content is immensely important these days because Google is putting heavy emphasis on content. Content marketing is a powerful tool in the digital age to connect to your targeted customer. Content… Continue reading 10 essential content marketing 2022 trends

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

Smartphones have transformed the way we live and connect. They are almost an indispensable part of our lives. Mobile phones have allowed us to connect when we are on the move. We can do so many things with mobile phones such as browse data; bill payment, ticket booking, purchase of items online, etc even schedule… Continue reading Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power

Why Toxic Workplace behaviors?

Jeff Bezos’ space company “Blue Origin” is accused of being a toxic workplace as 21% of former employees claimed in that regard. As performer employees of accused Blue Origin of the are said to have signed the stringent nondisclosure agreements, stifling internal feedback, mistrust, disregarding, safety concerns, and creating a sexist environment for women. Toxic… Continue reading Why Toxic Workplace behaviors?

Why is YouTube Video Ads So Useful?

YouTube Video Ads!       The fastest and easiest way of getting qualified traffic means the traffic that will actually convert into leads customers. What will you do? Paid Advertising! No doubt YouTube video Ads are the cheapest paid advertising available nowadays. Does it mean other paid advertising means like   Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, etc. are… Continue reading Why is YouTube Video Ads So Useful?

Computerized Accounting

Decent Accounting System for your business and computerised accounting Accounting is called the language of business which communicates the financial results of an enterprise to various interested parties by means of financial statements. It has to picture a true and fair view of the enterprise’s state of affairs. Most of the accounting data is numerical… Continue reading Computerized Accounting

Accounting Software

Accounting Software is not all about comfortable but compatibility The selection of the best accounting software for your organization or business is one of the most critical and key business decisions you make. What is accounting system software? Why it is so important? Every organization looks for an Accounting Information System (AIS) that offers timely,… Continue reading Accounting Software