Tantra Yoga-Is it entirely about Sexuality?

The practice of Tantra Yoga

What comes to your mind when you listen the term “Tantra Yoga”? Does it sound something sexual to you? Of course, you are partly right, not entirely!


Tantra Yoga may improve your sex life, but it helps to get in touch with your own body and energy. Practicing Tantra, including Tantra Yoga works on the energies ingrained in your body to raise spiritual growth and physical well-being.

Exploring these energies, their connection to the universe, the purpose of life and their connection to others can be understood in a new perspective.

Tantra Vs Yoga

Tantra Yoga

What is the difference between “Tantra” and “Yoga”? The difference could mean different to the people what they think about both——both are wider practices of spiritual and philosophical, meaning varies practioner to practioner.

Yoga incorporates the discipline what strives for particular attainment of goals- from enlightenment to physical well-being.
On the other hand, tantra incorporates the discipline to shed all goals and attainments, whether spiritual or sexual.

Misconceptions about Tantra

To many, tantra is supposed to mean uninhibited sex. This is a huge misinterpretation of the entire concept, particularly by westerners. Literary meaning of “tantra” is technique or technology. That is something inherent.

Current society refers tantra as a form of unorthodox or socially unacceptable methods. Certain aspects of Tantra are being practiced in certain way, actually it is a limb of yoga called tantra yoga.

It sounds utter non-sense when people says ,” I have sexual needs so I will follow the tantric path,”.

Practice of Tantra Yoga


Tantra is not about unbridled or unrestrained sexuality, as assumed by many. Sex is a fundamental instinct, one basic need, being used for procreation. Simultaneously, one must know its limitations which it can’t carry us beyond a point.

Sexual needs can be fulfilled by forming relationships or mating, either within or outside your fold. Taking the spiritual path to fulfill your physical and sexual needs is unacceptable.

Why do Tantra Yoga?

The simple principle of Tantra Yoga- whatever can bring you down can also take you up. Man gets obsessed with food, alcoholic drink and sexuality. Tantra yoga brings the same three parts into use to rise up.

Tantra builds our energies from the source of the uppermost dimension of the energy system to the lower dimension of the energy system, so that one’s energies spill from the top. Goal of Tantric yoga is three-fold:

• To thrive
• To prosper
• To merge the spiritual and the material world into one

Tantra yoga-what brings us down from thriving, teaches techniques that help us in attaining spiritual and material prosperity.
Tantra means “to weave” or “to expand”. Tantric Yoga integrates many yoga practices, spiritual styles and teachings, in order to connect with others and the universe. When practiced consistently and properly, Tantric Yoga can help you in realizing who you are, achieve your goals, and if done with a partner, deepen your relationship.

Tantric yoga transpires the whole body into control and works with five different bodies:

1. The physical body
2. The energetic body
3. The mental or emotional body
4. The wisdom or intra body
5. The bliss body

Each of these above bodies has had its own share of weaknesses and strengths—all are usually buried deep down. When you bring them to the surface, you would stop responding unconsciously and help you to gain control over our desires. Tantric Yoga is the procedure through which one would reach to a state of eternal bliss.


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